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I’ve seen a lot of these “how to get rich” type courses and most of them seem like schemes, too good to be true, and are too expensive for people like me to even afford, to learn how to get rich in the first place. 

The first thing I really do like that jumped out at me immediately was the fact that you can preview the entire course before you take it. That gives people the chance to see if it’s going to end up being worth the money or not. For me, previewing it before hand would make a world of difference. A lot of times, I’m afraid to spend the extra money to buy courses that are so expensive and seem so good to be true. Those ideas themselves are enough to prevent me from even purchasing the course in the first place.

The first section of the course was about your beliefs and trying to help overcome any limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that you have. It doesn’t seem like something that would be important in making money, but this part of the course stood out to me and taught me otherwise.

Each of the chapters in this course were very detailed and helpful. He breaks down each step well enough that it’s easy to understand. What I found slightly disappointing was the fact that this was a course more on how to make 10,000 dollars by running a how to make money type situation. I’m an author, so a lot of the techniques used in the course won’t work for me—such as the one time offer page they explained how to create after doing the sign-up form for your email list.

Overall, I would rate this course about 3.5 stars which is just above average for me. 

Joanna White Published Author - authorjoannawhite.com Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing - Florida, United States