Key Copywriting Elements That Convert Your Visitors to Buyers (video course)

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Introduction: How to increase conversions in your marketing



Lesson 1: Top producers and their converting products



Lesson 2: Copywriting elements part 1




Lesson 3: Copywriting elements part 2



Lesson 4: Increasing conversions in your email part 1



Lesson 5: Increasing conversions in your email part 2




Lesson 6: Increasing conversions in your squeeze page part 1



Lesson 7: Increasing conversions in your squeeze page part 2



Lesson 8: Increasing conversions in the sales process

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See Full Course Outline:

  • Module 1 — Instant Conversion Mastery BasicsDiscover The Exact Instant Conversion Techniques Used To Turn Every Visitor Into Cash
    • 0 Introduction – How to increase conversions in your marketing
    • 1 Top producers and their converting products
    • 2 Copywriting elements part 1
    • 3 Copywriting elements part 2
    • 4 Increasing conversion in your email part 1
    • 5 Increasing conversions in your email part 2
    • 6 Increasing conversions on your squeeze page part 1
    • 7 Increasing conversions on your squeeze page part 2
    • 8 Increasing conversions in the sales process
    • 9 Increasing blog conversions part 1
    • 10 Blogging conversions part 2
    • 11 AIDA
    • 12 Increasing conversions part 1
    • 13 Increasing conversions part 2 and conclusion
  • Module 2 — Instant Conversion Mastery Advanced StrategiesUpgrade Your Skills and Expertise With the Advanced Strategies Video Training
    • 0 Overview
    • 1 The formula revealed
    • 2 The pre-headline
    • 3 The headline
    • 4 Video call to action
    • 5 The big why
    • 6 The pain and problem of the prospect
    • 7 Product as the solution
    • 8 Product description
    • 9 Outline content part 1
    • 10 Outline content part 2
    • 11 Benefit bullets
    • 12 Fast action bonuses
    • 13 Money back guarantee
    • 14 Scarcity
    • 15 Call to action
    • 16 Bonuses embedded
  • Module 3 — JVZoo Funnel SimplifiedQuickly and Easily Sell Your Products and Services on JVZoo… Starting Today
    • 1 Intro
    • 2 Overview
    • 3 Planning
    • 4 Mapping
    • 5 Product details
    • 6 Autoresponder
    • 7 Payment
    • 8 Funnel setup
    • 9 Buy buttons
  • Module 4 — JVZoo Conversion SecretsBoost Your Product Sales Using Different Scarcity Methods That Are Proven to Work
    • 1 Intro
    • 2 Scarcity
    • 3 First method
    • 4 Coupons
    • 5 JV promotions
    • 6 Second method
    • 7 One time bumps
    • 8 Dime sales

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Product Description:

Key Copywriting Elements That Convert Your Visitors to Buyers (video course)

Learn what to write and say to sell your products and services.

Take out all the guess work and turn it into a science.

Use as training for yourself or training for your staff.

 Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside…

Module 1 — Instant Conversion Mastery Basics

Result-Oriented Training Video, Discover The Exact Instant Conversion Techniques Used to Turn Every Visitor Into Cash

PROVEN ways to DRAMATICALLY increase sales and conversions for ALL your marketing campaigns. Start seeing your sales and profits hit the roof. Work smart and see tremendous results that will catapult your online income to the next level.

  •  The UNTOLD PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAPONS you should arm yourself with to make a KILLING in every single online business you create.
  •  HYPNOTIC techniques revealed that will put your prospects in a position to say “YES” to everything you say!
  •  Uncover the TRUTHS behind HIGH CONVERTING sales pages and be surprised at how even the header makes a difference!
  •  Discover the ONE legitimate strategy that we use to rope in tons of subscribers WITHOUT receiving any spam complaints!
  •  An INSIDER tip to boosting conversions on your squeeze page that will LITERALLY skyrocket your opt-ins to your list.’
  •  How you can turn your subscribers from lukewarm to EAGER respondents who are LITERALLY waiting to open your email and BUY.
  •  INCREDIBLY SIMPLE ways you can apply to your email that can potentially TRIPLE your conversions!
  •  Exactly what you must do to turn your boring and meaningless blog posts to HIGH CONVERTING, SUPER VIRAL content!
  •  And so many more…

Module 2 — Instant Conversion Mastery Advanced Strategies

Upgrade Your Skills And Expertise With More Advanced Video Training…

  • Overview of sales copywriting, sales formula revealed, the pre-headline, and creating the perfect headline
  • Video call to action, explaining the pain and the problem, positioning product as solution, describing the product, outlining content, and using bullets
  • Reinforcing with benefits, fast action bonuses, money back guarantees, creating scarcity
  • and much more

Module 3 — JVZoo Funnel Simplified

Quickly and Easily Sell Your Products and Services on JVZoo… Starting Today

  • Overview of JVZoo Sales and Planning Your Sales Funnel – Figure out what types of products you will be selling, how you will be delivering those products or services, and making sure that you have the right items that you can enter into the shopping cart platform.
  • Sales Funnel Mapping – understand the products and services and the one-time offers that you will be selling and organize it by mapping out your sales funnel to set things up in the future
  • Add Product Details – Go step-by-step through every single one of the information that you are going to need to ensure that you better understand what you need to collect, so that you have everything in hand and are ready to go.
  • Connect Autoresponder – Immediately and automatically add buyers to your email list and how to add different autoresponder systems to your account.
  • Connect Payment Processors – Connect different payment processors to your account to make sure that you are able to accept payments.
  • Sales Funnel Setup – Map out your products and services using the JVZoo sales funnel feature.
  • Sales Button and OTO’s – add a sales button to your sales page and set up your one-time offers

Module 4 — JVZoo Conversion Secrets

Boost Your Product Sales Using Different Scarcity Methods That Are Proven to Work

  • Why Scarcity? – Understand the methods and reasoning behind it. Unless you understand WHY you need to use them, HOW is just meaningless – as you’re not going to be as effective.
  • Time-Limited Discount Specials – Offer a time-limited offer at a discounted rate. Cover two different avenues that you can take to achieve this with two different scenarios that have worked well. Know the maximum time you should offer, so you don’t lose your momentum.
  • Customer-Only Coupon Discounts – Create generic coupons for your customers. Learn the different types of coupons you can create and which ones will work best for your needs so that you can make them perfect.
  • Joint Venture Private Promotions – Implement JV private promotions. These work well, but it does require that you spend a little more time setting these up.
  • Price Increases – Focus on a different scarcity method. This works well for pre-launches and public launches and can increase your overall sales.
  • Automatic Price Bumps – Apply the first method of what you learned in Video #6. This method works extremely well.
  • Automatic Dime Sales – Implement Dime Sales and the strategies mentioned within Video #6.

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 Key Copywriting Elements That Convert Your Visitors to Buyers (video course)


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About the Instructor:

Mark Aquino, RN, MHA. Mark is lead administrator and facilitator of preselected courses in Factal.net. He is a state-licensed registered nurse from California, USA and holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a Master of Health Administration from West Coast University in Los Angeles, California. Being an internet marketer and content marketer himself, he has a growing email list through his website. He is also copywriter for a medical devices company in Santa Clarita, CA.

In addition to his nursing education, Mark has also taken courses in Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Planning, Project Management, and more. He currently works from home by making money online and is also member of National Nurses in Business Association. He has 3 years of experience in mental health and home health working directly with patients and helps people make money online and live healthy, peaceful, and prosperous lives.

With a Bachelors, Masters, California state-licensed registered nurse, and 5+ years experienced with research and writing, Mark is nurse, writer, published author, and online instructor.

Always remember: Practice makes prefect and repetition is the mother of learning.

Make sure to review and apply principles you learn repeatedly from credible sources to achieve mastery.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What’s this about?
A. This is about learning what to write and say to make more visitors buy. Use as training for yourself or training for your staff.

Q. Who is this for?
A. This is for anyone that’s struggling with increasing conversions and getting more sales for their business. When you follow what’s inside you’ll discover how to help more visitors turn into buyers which should help increase your earnings.

Q. How long until I see results?
A. You can begin seeing initial results right away.

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A. All you really need is this guide to see results.

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 Key Copywriting Elements That Convert Your Visitors to Buyers (video course)

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